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Monday, May 14, 2007

2nd Africa Video!!

It brings me great pleasure to present to you the 2nd video installment following our Africa journey! This video was aired on NBC25 on Friday May 11th. A special thanks must be extended to Dale Woods, Linda and Tom Mulanix, and Roger Allen for their countless hours of time and footage they have provided me with. I am in the planning stages of another video before we go, and most certainly another few videos during and when we get back to the states. Enjoy!

As for myself, I am doing well! I just ran the 25k RiverBank run this past Saturday in Grand Rapids. It was such a wonderful and beautiful day! I thank God for these opportunities he keeps providing me with. Here's a few pictures:

Life is good and I have absolutely no complaints in my life. My family and friends have been so supportive of my upcoming trip to Africa, and I thank you all once again. By reading this site, you believe in what this group of 30 people are trying to accomplish in Swaziland! Thank you for your love and support! God bless.
Derek Van Dam

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  1. I hope everyone enjoyed the video!


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