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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back in the USA, for now.

Hello Again. I happen to find myself in the comforts of my parents house in Grand Rapids Michigan. What a pleasant feeling that is. Especially after such a whirl-wind adventure. I thank God that he has brought my friend, Bob Deland and I, home safely. As life has it, I drank some bad water in Morocco and became very ill. That is why it has taken so long to write on my blogsite.

Anyway, I am home for now. Between juggling hospital visits, going away parties and celebrating Easter, I now find myself facing the biggest move of my life. Reflecting on such a large trip is difficult to do with something so large facing you in the distant future. Either way, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite places that I visited; Ancient Rome, Ponte Vecchio, Michaelangelo's David Statue, Trevie' Fountain, The Vatican and Sistine Chapel where Michaelangelo's painting "God reaching out to humanity" is located, the Crystal Palace in Madrid, seeing the northern Tip of the Continent I am about to live in, riding camels and playing golf in Morocco, Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar, seeing the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and of course Big Ben!

I kept a very detailed journal to remember the names and places of the locations we visited so I may come back once again. We had plenty of time to read and write as we traveled a multitude of trains (Eurail or bust!) planes, and even some boats!

I feel so blessed to lead a life that has brought travel, a good job and the best of friends and family. It is so important to put God in the driver's seat of my life. He has really taken over and made such an impact on my over-all character and mood. I think this personal journey to Africa is going to be a lesson that not even words can describe. I just can't wait for the opportunities it will create.

I will be posting a special "Thank You" to the people closest in my life. That will be for my next blog. In the meantime, be well and enjoy Spring. I have 4 more days before I move to Africa. I need your thoughts and prayers more than ever. Thank you.

Derek Van Dam


  1. Derek-

    What an awesome experience man! So happy for you that you got to experience something like that! What an exciting nerve-wracking week for you i'm sure. I only moved to Chicago, and that brought stress to me! I'd love to keep in touch however best man!

    I've been praying for you, and you know I'll continue to do so!


  2. Anonymous5:03 AM

    I just love the pictures they are so awesome. I am glad that you kept us posted on your trip. It was like we were there expierencing the trip with you. I hope that you try and relax, if that is possible, before you leave. Spend as much time with your family, that is what I would do if I only had a few days left before a big move. Take care and we are all pulling for you. You will do great over there. You will always be our angel and you will always the cute weather guy. Keep smiling!!! Take care and talk to you soon!



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