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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

I got the wonderful opportunity to attend the Cape Town International Jazz Festival with a few friends. The music scene is incredible. It has been great because I have been introduced to some local Capetonian musicians. They have really shown me what this country is all about...and that is The Arts. Right up my alley. Anyway, the festival was held at the Convention Center. There where about 8 separate stages in the middle of the city. Some inside and some outside. I went to some of the bigger African musicians shows. However, the pictures that I am showing are from the more intimate shows. The bands consisted of a Stand-up Base, drums, Piano and sometimes a trumpet/clarinet. IT was Jazz at it finest. The artists spanned the globe from Japan, Sweden and even some Americans. They love playing in this city, or at least what they all said before their shows. There is a lot of energy from the crowds, but its not the same as American concert. People are extremely considerate. No pushing or cramming to the front. In fact, the front of the concerts are for the people who want to lay/sit down on the grass and just watch the music. The dancers are situated a little further back. Of course, the inside venues are seated.

This morning I was shown around the City with the "mother" of the Television station I work for. She is the resident "mother" at E.TV/E.Sat because she looks after everyone. She is a South African who has lived in the Western Cape all her life. She really loves it here and is so proud of her city (as most/if not all Capetonians are). She showed me the Parliment buildings, museums, Virgin Active Gym, beautiful parks and housing. She has been a blessing for me because she really looks after me. Its great.

Anyhow, things are going well here. Still dont have a car, but got accepted for a bank account the other day. That means a car will be coming soon!! Cant wait. I have been very, very busy with the weather department since I have been here. People from Berling, Germany and Johannesburg all met me at the TV studio this weekend so that we can coordinate the weather department. They have really given me free reign to design/incorporate every aspect of the weather department. This is an amazing responsibility, but very exciting! All I know is, I have a lot of work to do over the next few months.

Where ever you find yourself at this moment, peace and prayers. Ciao!



  1. Anonymous7:06 AM

    you sound like you are having the best time over there. I am glad to hear that you are being treated very well over there. That has to be a big relief to you and your family. I hope that you continue to enjoy your new journey over there. It kind of sounds a little like Memphis back here in the states. Memphis is a city of the arts. I continue to have you and your family in my prayers while you are over there. Take care and talk to you soon.

  2. Teresa8:47 PM

    Music and Art!!!! It doesn't get any better than that!!! I just updated my portfolio, any non-profits in that town looking for an Event Coordinator, Grant Writer or Fund Development Director? I'm glad you are enjoying there, you sure deserve it!


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