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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Madame Zingara's

Went to a great event last night. It's called Madame Zingara's. It's one of Cape Town's gems and best loved restaurants. Once nestled in the heart of the Mother City, this candle-lit bohemian delight is known both locally and internationally. You're first instructed to leave your cares at the door and enjoy an evening of "decadent delight," as they call it. Then you feast and watch the show!

Madame Zingara has given back to the community over the years. Through financing of community projects, support vehicles, educational programmes and subsidised housing, the relationship with the city of Cape Town has always been an intrinsic cornerstone of the business.

However, after six prosperous years, the restaurant was tragically lost to a fire which started in the new roof garden.

Between staff, owners, partners and friends, it was decided to take a new path, one that will allow the spirit of the restuarant to flourish once again. A mobile tent was then constructed. The show/dinner theater now travels bet
ween London and Cape Town. This was one of the last nights the event was held in Cape Town. How perfect.

The food is remarkable with a full steak dinner that is drizzled in a chocolate chilli sauce that is unlike anything I've ever imagined. Very tasty.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Madame Zingara's?!! Oh would take me a year to find such a place...and it sounds just like you: a place of real other-centeredness. Great pictures Derek! Keep up the great reporting. Bob

  2. Derek- my aunt just tipped me off to your blog. I'm originally from Grand Blanc Mi, and am currently doing missions work in Swaziland myself. Check it out:

  3. Oh I've been there and agree - it's absolutely FABULOUS! One of the best nights out I've had in ages! My biggest regret was waiting so long to go! And yup, that chocolate chilli steak is divine! :)

  4. Madame Zingara11:37 AM

    Hey Guys!
    Thanks so much
    We love all of you
    We're in Jozi until October
    We gonna head offshore thereafter
    But we'll see you all soon
    Hugs and Kisses

  5. Madame Zingara11:38 AM

    Please come and visit again... We'd love to see you xx


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