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Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Taste of Cape Town

Finally feeling a little more settled into this wonderful country. I have made my way to the beach a few times. I have a new running spot that follows right along the Altantic and it is quite the sight. Around every corner I turn their is something new to discover. I was able to fit in another festival between the craziness of work. "A Taste of Cape Town" showcases all the best resturants and chefs in the city and Western Cape. All the chefs come to this event and you sample thier food. This is the first time I have ever tryed Alligator. It was quite tasty, at least the way it was prepared. ;-) This uber-fancy event was held on the cliffs along the side of Signal Hill. It overlooked the ocean with a sunset that was breath-taking. Thank you God for this moment in my life.

I have been to a few braai's at friends houses. Last night I went with co-workers and bosses to a beautiful home near the Kirstenbasch Gardens. The food was served with Cois-Cois (A South African Dish that I may have spelled wrong) and smoked tuna. The South Africans are really interested in American Politics, so we discussed some very interesting things. Becuase this is an open blog, I will refrain from writing any thoughts and/or comments that where made ;-)

I miss everyone back home so much. However, this transition has been quite smooth. Thanks for your support and your prayers and I will post pictures sooner than later hopefully.



  1. I fell in love with Tanzania in 2003.

    Best of luck in South Africa. Give those kids a hug from Missouri's Midwest. =)

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Hey Derek-
    Sounds like it has been amazing so far for you. So you tried Alligator huh? How did you like it? The sunsets sound amazing as well. Look forward to seeing some amazing pictures soon. Stay safe and I look forward to talking to you soon.
    P.S. By the way we all miss you too.


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