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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Running in the depths of winter

I'm no stranger to running in the cold winter months in the USA. This is something that I grew up with. But I am convinced that my blood has thinned since moving to South Africa. What used to be shorts and t-shirt weather for me is now winter-coat, scarf and gloves weather for this American-African (didn't know those existed, did you?? ). 

This trip to the good ol' USA was no different. I have come home to do some work for my company and of course, see my wonderful family. While here, we got hit with a mega-snowstorm. I'm accustom to snow. I mean, I come from a winter-wonderland in Michigan. But this was different. 1/2 meter of snow in 24 hours! Check out these photos:

Trying to keep fit in these conditions is quite the challenge. None-the-less, I managed to lace up my new Adidas adizero Boston shoes and went to explore the town of Madison, Wisconsin. 

Here's my run:

It really was such a treat to experience the snow again. And of course, being a weatherman, I managed to get pretty excited watching all the white stuff pile up on the city streets. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to running in the warmth of Cape Town once again. But of course, I don't want to leave family and friends so I will cherish my time home. Have a blessed Christmas & New Years everyone. Don't forget the real reason for the season, Christ our Saviour. 


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