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Monday, January 29, 2007

Sawubona! Kunjani?

Sawubona! Kunjani?

For all you SiSwati-illiterate people (including myself), that is hello, and how are you in the Swazi peoples' native language! It's been a busy life these past few weeks. This journey has encompassed a lot of time. This is okay, but I think I never realized the amount of work that goes in
to setting up a Missions Trip. So thanks to all for your loving support. The comments and e-mails have been very uplifting, and the prayers have been heard! I want to share a few pictures with you all. Last week, it was my turn to get the first of three series of immunizations. In order to travel to this part of the world, The Center for Disease Control has a list of required and recommended shots/vaccinations. Don't be fooled by the picture of me gripping my shoulder, it didn't really hurt all that bad! Haha! (yeah right!)
At least they gave me sweet Snoopy and Charlie Brown band-aids! I guess it was all worth it. Anyways, its official! It really felt like this sealed the deal. I think this was a big point for me after I received these shots. It hit me with the idea that "hey, this journey is really underway." For any of you interested in perhaps traveling to South Africa, here is the list of required/recommended immunizations that you get before traveling there:
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Malaria (No vaccine for this, but it is controlled with taking a pill every day, starting before your trip and lasting 4 weeks after!)

I am busy working on putting together a special "Story" for my television station. If you didn't know, NBC 25 (Flint, MI) is documenting this entire mission's trip. This is an opportunity for me to utilize my unique proffesion, to be a voice for the community I live in. The first in the series will be completed by February 16th (at least it better be, because that's the due date given to me!) I am also working hard on getting this video file to stream on this site. It may take some creative thinking, but I will get it to you all so you can see! I can't thank everyone enough for everything. My family and friends are quite possibly the best that anyone could ask for. Thank You! Thank You. More to come very soon...


  1. D.V.D. Let me know if you want some help with the video posting online. I can set you up with your own "Channel" on YouTube. It would take some work getting your videos to me to post (i.e. sending me a DVD of the Quicktime each time you make a new video) but I can compress it in the format needed for YouTube... just a thought.

  2. Kyle! Your the man. Thanks so much. And, your family is in my thoughts and prayers!


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