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Monday, February 12, 2007

NBC to Follow the Journey!

I have been working hard on creating a special news story to introduce the Africa Mission's trip to the community I live in. It's going along quite well. Everyone who lives Mid-Michigan and N. Detroit will be able to view this on NBC 25 (Channel 6 on Comcast or Channel 25 with "bunny-ear attenas." The air-date is this Friday, February 16th. I will first intoduce the story at 6:30 in the morning during my morning weather-cast. Then it will be aired again at night during the 6 O'clock news. I hope everyone will be able to catch it. However, if you don't happen to be around the area, I am working to stream the video onto this blog-site (fingers crossed!). Anyways, here's a rough template that my graphics department made for the piece. Sorry I look so cheesy. :-)

On a serious note, I want to personally thank everyone again for their support. Financially, this trip would not even be a glimmer in my eye if it wasn't from the help from you all! Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Derek, I love it! I love it! I love it! How cool that the TV station is supporting you in this way. Praying that all will go smoothly on your first on-air. Wish we could be there to see it. Try to videostream it. Wish you well, my son! Mom

  2. Derek,
    Great segment this morning on your station about the trip! Hopefully many will follow along with you on the you reach out to the people of Swaziland Africa with hope and compassion.

    Sue Reber
    (fellow 'teammate' to Africa)

  3. Derek,

    I'm so bummed. I had my mom DVR the segment, and something happened and it stopped about 30 secs into the video and then started right up during your last weather update :( We missed the evening on too b/c she taped 5-6 and it came on after 6 :(

    I'll have to catch it some other time...

    Hope to see you in the morning!


  4. Here is my reason for going to Africa:
    Sub-Saharan Africa has just over 10% of the world’s population, but is home to more than 70% of all people living with HIV/AIDS.
    More than 17 million Africans have died from AIDS and about another 30 million are infected, 3 million of them are children. Every day in Africa, 6,600 people die from HIV/AIDS, 8,800 people are infected and 1,400 newborn babies are infected during childbirth or by their mothers’ milk. There are over 14 million orphans. More than 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa—nearly half the population—live on less than $1 a day.
    They desperately need to be given hope there and we have it in Jesus!


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