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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Video of Africa Missions Trip!

With a little help from Pastor Roger Allen, we have been able to post the NBC25 segment online. However, "Blogspot" does not allow video uploads, so I put it on Here's a link to the video. It should just play for you, but if you have a slower internet connection, you may have some delay. Take care everyone and thanks to all who made this video possible (including everyone from the Missions Team putting up with the photographer putting a camera in their face).



  1. actually, blogspot does allow it. I have two friends who use blogspot all the time that upload YouTube videos that you can watch on their sites. Not sure how they do it, but you can check out their sites and ask them or


  2. Christine Boelkins12:48 PM

    Hey Little Brother!
    What a great blog site. We love being updated on what is happening regarding your incredible trip to Africa. This is such a great experience for you and congrats on getting the whole community involved. This is a great way for people to be made aware of the situation in Africa. The people there are God's children and are loved by Him as much as us here in the U.S. I pray that everyone you encounter will be able to see His love shining through you.
    Love the news clip! My little brother on TV! Who would have thought!

    Love you,

  3. Hey Derek!
    What are you doing on TV?! :o)
    Hey- this Africa thing sounds beyond cool. Kris and I watched the YouTube clip and Kris goes... "I want to go!"
    Anyways - I'll be praying for you and the church family you'll be working with!
    Thanks for the note! It was so nice to "catch up" on your life!
    Always Upward,

  4. what's up derek..

    blog's lookin' good brother-man. I'm bummed i can't go along with you guys, but it'll be a solid experience man. i don't know if you're gonna' have a chance monday night to come on out and hear the story of the invisible children (i know it's a LITTLE past your bedtime) but it's AMAZING.

    we oughta' do lunch sometime...we know we both like twins...and bbq pizza!


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