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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One Week to Go!

Hello All!

Everything is going well and plans are really coming together nicely for our up and coming missions trip to Swaziland, Africa. We were introduced to our Church last Sunday. We prayed together as one. Here is a picture.

Also, a member, closely tied to our group, help put together a prayer guide that has individual prayer requests for each day. Here is a list. Please continue your thoughts and prayers with our team as we prepare for the final week of preparation! Thank you.

New Covenant Swaziland Prayer Guide,

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. We would not be going on this trip without your prayers and support. Below is a suggested daily prayer guide. Please feel free to pray as the Spirit leads or just pray along with the rest of the body.

Monday July 2: Pray for Tom and Linda Mulanix as they leave Flint for the first of 4 days of traveling to Swaziland (SZ). Pray for rest on the flights and for all details to come together. Pray for the team to be able to finish getting ready, physically, spiritually, and emotionally without Tom and Linda being a phone-call away. Finally, Pray for Tom and Linda to rest solely on God in leading this trip.

Tuesday July 3: Pray for the people who are working at El Shaddai, busily preparing for the arrival of the NC team. Pray also for the orphans, that they will be ready to receive so many Americans for such a short time. Pray that they will be able to feel only love and against broken spirits when everyone leaves. Today pray for Bryan and Geri Mulanix as they start their journey to SZ. Lift up Geri as she will be doing some work with music and eye care and Bryan as he will be doing music and devotions.

Wednesday July 4: Pray for the NC team and any time they spend with their extended families on our Independence Day. Allow God to use this time for the team members to share their hearts for Africa with family and friends. Help them keep the trip focused on His glory not the adventure of going. Pray specifically for Gene Dufour, that God will use him in ways that he has never been used before.

Thursday July 5: Pray for the church leadership at the church in Manzini. Pray for provision of support and supplies so that the leaders may focus solely on ministering to the people around them. Pray for lay leaders to be raised to help the church grow spiritually and become a fully developed place of worship. Today pray for Laura Gualdoni. She will be working with games and crafts. Pray also for her time away from her family, that God will work in their lives just as much as He is working in hers.

Friday July 6: Pray today for the project planning and preparation time for the work to be done at the church in Manzini. Let God already have the plans in place for the projects that HE wants to get done while the team is there, not what we want to get done. Pray today for Derek Van Dam. He will be working with the music team as well as organizing soccer. Pray that God continues to use his job to further HIS kingdom.

Saturday July 7: Today pray for the planning and preparation time for the work to be done at El Shaddai. Pray that God leads this time and not the leaders. Pray for final preparations and packing for the NC team still in Michigan. Today pray for Mark and Sue Reber. They will both be leading devotions while in SZ and Sue will be one of the team leaders. Pray that God will give them plenty of rest today so they will be ready to lead.

Sunday July 8: Praise God today for all of the work that HE has done in SZ and for all of the work that HE is doing and all of the work HE will continue to do long after we leave. Praise HIM who is above all names and pray for the salvation of the King of Swaziland and the people under his reign. Pray for Laura Irvine today as she prepares to leave and works on games and crafts with the children.

Monday July 9: Pray today for health and safety for the whole team. Pray against sickness and for extra strength and stamina. Pray today for Ashley Woods. She will be working with games for the children and will be leaving today for SZ with Pastor Dale. Pray that their time together traveling will strengthen their father-daughter bond and that people will see Christ when they see them.

Tuesday July 10: Pray for Pastor Dale Woods today. He and Ashley will be arriving in SZ today. Pray for Dale to have words of wisdom to pass along to the NC team and to the people of SZ. Pray against busyness and worrying about the task at hand to get in the way of God’s plans for him on this trip. Pray that this trip will ignite a passion for Missions in the entire congregation of New Covenant.

Wednesday July 11: Pray for the team as they leave the US today for SZ. Most of the team has never been to Africa before and there are fears associated with anything new. Pray for God to destroy those fears. Pray for safety and rest on the flights. Pray for Jim Klingenberg today. He will be leading soccer with Derek and also helping with worship and devotions. May God use him to bless the children of El Shaddai.

Thursday July 12: Praise God for getting the team safely to South Africa. Pray for their spiritual health today. Pray for God to bind Satan and keep the team out of his hands. Pray for Carla Lyons today. She is one of the team leaders and will also be leading devotions while in country. Pray that God will still her heart and keep her focused on Him.

Friday July 13: Pray for clarity as the team travels from South Africa to Swaziland. They will be on two different smaller flights. Pray that everyone arrives safely with all of their belongings. Pray that the flights are on time as work beginnings today! Pray for Tina Maneke, she is working with crafts and will be away from her family to serve the LORD.

Saturday July 14: Pray for team unity as work at the Manzini Free Methodist Church continues today. Pray that the people of Manzini can see GOD working there, not just Americans. Lift up Dave Sudberry today. Pray that God keeps him healthy, and is his strength on this trip.

Sunday July 15: Praise God today! Praise HIM for what has happened this week. Praise HIM for the Manzini Church and celebrate the dedication today! Pray for Kathleen Reber. Pray that she is able to create fast meaningful relationships with the people of SZ and her love for Christ gives them hope for eternal life.

Monday July 16: Today is the first day of work at El Shaddai. Pray for good weather and adjustment to a new climate. Pray that work does not get in the way of loving the orphans. Lift Lauren Reber up today. Lauren will be working with music also-let her worship be as sweet as incense on the alter to the LORD.

Tuesday July 17: Pray for the orphans of El Shaddai. Let them find peace in God and hope for life. Pray for education and for them to break the cycle of poverty and AIDS in SZ. Pray for Monika Rivers today as she is living her life long dream of being in Africa. Let her see past her dream and look for the BIG picture God has for her.

Wednesday July 18: Let God open the eyes of them team as they absorb the culture of SZ today. May they praise God for all of HIS creations in Africa and around the world. Pray for Don Schacher, may God reveal HIMself to Don in ways that HE never has before. Give Don the spirit to pass that on to the team and people of SZ.

Thursday July 19: Pray for all projects to be finished by the end of the day today. Pastor Dale and Ashley leave today. Pray against culture fatigue and the desires of American comforts. Pray for Tammy Shim today. She will be working with games, crafts and devotions. Pray for her family while she is gone, that her children will grow to love Jesus more because of this trip.

Friday July 20: Pray for a fun day of shopping and a traditional Swazi cookout. Pray that during this time of fun and celebration the purpose behind the trip is not forgotten. Let God’s spirit shine through the team to all of the Swazi people encountered today. Pray for Elaine and Lynn Myers today. Pray that the ministry that they were able to do this week has made their marriage stronger and their love for Christ stronger too.

Saturday July 21: The team leaves SZ today. Pray again for safe travel, no lost people or luggage and on time flights. They will have a long layover at the airport in Johannesburg. Pray against fatigue from taking over and allow them to continue to minister to the people they meet today. Pray of the Swazi hosts, the workers at El Shaddai, the people at the guesthouse the team is staying at and the Manzini Church leaders. It is hard work to host a large group. Pray that they feel blessed and loved because of the NC team.

Sunday July 22: The Mulanix’s will attend church at El Shaddai and then begin their travel home. Pray for rest and refreshment from God during this time. Praise God that He brought Megan Walling to this team and gave her the desire to work with the music team. Prepare her for the separation that will occur by not being around her team geographically upon returning to the states.

Monday July 23: Everyone is back now. Pray for a positive and Godly re-entry and adjustment to life in America. Give everyone peace and rest and the time needed to reflect on what they learned. Help them through reverse culture shock and how to tell their stories. Pray for Sue Morel who will be working with the games with the kids.

Derek Van Dam


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the prayer guide for each day throughout your journey. You can be assured that you and your team will be in my prayers daily! God Bless you as you finalize all the plans and embark on this very special cause. Thanks again for including everyone in on each and every step of the way as you prepared for this awesome responsibility. I look forward to hearing all about the details upon your return. Safe travels, The Best of Health, and May God Bless You Immensely as you provide for and share your wonderful talents and treasures with the good people of Swaziland!

    All the Best to you Always!
    Bill Pavlov

  2. Derek,

    You leave tomorrow! I can't believe how fast it has come. I wanted to leave you with some words given to me before I left for the field:

    Stay safe, but be DANGEROUS for the Gospel. Go out there and trash the kingdom of darkness. God is with you, you need not fear.



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