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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hello again,

Oh how time flies when you are having fun! The past month has molded into one big going away party. It's been great, but quite hectic. The time is near, and my days in the United States are certainly numbered. However, I wouldn't trade these last few weeks for anything. Here's what I've been up to, and here's where I am going:

A few weekends ago I went ice climbing with my nephew in the Upper Peninsula. What an amazing experience to spend this time with my newphew. It is a real bonding time with him. A lot of trust is given to the individual belaying you (the person who is basically holding the rope you are attached too). Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what its like:

Now onto my next adventure. EUROPE!!!
I am leaving the confines of Michigan and traveling the world before I head to South Africa. I will be leaving to Paris. From Paris I travel to Austria to go snowboarding in the Alps (specifically Bluendenz). After Austria, its off to Venice, Florence and ROME! Spend some time in Italy and then its over the open water to Madrid. Not going to spend to much time there because we (my friend and I) are traveling to the Straights of Gibraltar where Spain and Africa meet. I am particularly looking forward to standing on the northern most point of the Continent to where I am about to spend a portion of my life. How surreal. After all that, its off to the last leg of our trip. LONDON. We will be seeing the play "Wicked" in Central London. Should be pretty cool.

Basically, I fly back to the States on March 14th and gear up for my going away party in Grand Rapids on the 15th. Prepare myself for a bunch of packing, and then its off to Madison Wisconsin for a possible trainig session for my new job. Should be interesting. After a few days, I will be off to Cape Town....Hmmm...hopefully I can fit some sleep inbetween those trips.

Since I am moving to another country, many people have asked what I am doing with my stuff. Well, I am selling it all! Here are a few pictures of the major things that I am selling (which include a Subaru Forester, Entertainment Center, and Bedroom set) If you have any interest (or know someone who may be interested) feel free to e-mail me at



  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Hey Derek-Wow you are going to be one busy person. It sounds like a lot of fun though. I look forward to seeing pictures of your journey. So when is the last day on News25? Just so I don't miss it. I went to Madrid and to other parts of Spain. You should have fun there. I know I did when I went. Take care and keep in touch. Talk to you soon.

  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Hi Derek,

    Wow! Those ice-climbing photos are Exceptional! Thanks for posting them. They are kind of symbolic as well with all that you have accomplished and are accomplishing with your travels and move to South Africa! It's not easy moving to a different continent, but just like the climb up the icy mountian, you are progressing steadily, with confidence and with persaverance, and with support from all those around you! Way to Go!!!

    I to can't wait for updates via your blog! It's such a joy to see all of your experiences unfold via that site! God Bless You today and Everyday!

    Your Friend,
    Bill Pavlov

    P.s. I look forward to attending your Going Away Party in March! It will indeed be a very special occassion to celebrate your accomplishments!!!

  3. I'm going to now start living my life vicariously through you. If you ever hear myself mistakingly refer to myself as a meteorologist who ice climbs and backpacks around the world...please think nothing of it.

    Also to help me accomplish this more thorougly, can you please give me all of your stuff?


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