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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hello from Moracco

one of the most significant moments in my life just occured. I sat in the middle of the Straights of Gilbraltar and stared at the continent that i am about to live at. what a scary but real idea and thought process. moracco is a cultural melting pot i can barely take it all in. i have seen things i never knew existed. also this is a large muslim community: as we speak I am hearing the call to prayer from a muslim mosque....very interesting to hear considering the minaret is right outside my window. i will write more as this all unfolds...all i can say is wow.

miss you all...home is soooooo far away



  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Thank you so very much for these "play by play" updates! It is wonderful to experience your trip through your text/pictures/& reflections of all that is happening at each exciting point of your travels!!! Yes, home may be "far away" but you are so very very close in all of our thoughts and prayers each and every day! I know God has answered my prayers that your trip be filled with many incredible and awesome and maginificent experience. I know there will be much much more of the same for you Derek...God has/is/and always will bless you richly in every way and every day!

    Your Friend,
    Bill Pavlov

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Hey Derek,
    Back in 1995 I too was there in Moracco. It amazed me to see everything that Moracco had to offer. Do they still have the merchants? When I went we went shopping at there market type and they expected you to offer a lower price for their merchandise. Which was kind of cool and different. The food there i thought was very good. I remember for the first time in my life I saw how, I guess you would say poor people, lived. Very different then back home that is for sure. From that day I looked at life in a different way and i have to say that with reading what you write has brought that back to me. Have a fun and safe trip. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe. You may be far from home but you are close in our hearts. Take care.


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