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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bantry Bay, Rugby and a Peugeot

This past weekend was quite eventful. I purchased a vehicle ( a white Peugeot 206 with a roof rack for surfing/kayaking and biking!), moved into a new place, attended my first rugby match and found a church that I enjoy.

The rocky coast pictures are taken from my flat in Bantry Bay. The mountain in the back ground is called Signal Hill. You can run to the top of the hill and can even para-glide off the mountain as well. Everyone is Bantry Bay is quite athletic. They run and bike everywhere it seems. I think it will be good for me because I enjoy being/getting into shape. I run along Beach and Victoria Roads which follow through Sea Point, Bantry Bay, the Clifton Beaches, and into Camps Bay (where I stayed the 1st time I was in Cape Town).

I enjoy living along the ocean for a couple of different reasons. First off, rented me a flat in the City Center (locals call it the CDB) for the past month or so. It gave me the flexibility of deciding where to call "home" on a more permanent basis. I have always strived to live in an studio apartment downtown of some big city. After living that life for a while, I realized how hectic it is. The noises, the people, the constant traffic, the busyness. It just wasnt for me. I started to gravitate towards the ocean, which is only a 10 minute drive over the mountain and to work anyway. After a month of searching and praying for the right car and right place to live... I ran into a guy, who is now a running/surfing mate of mine. He's from the UK and purchased this lovely flat with the crazy exchange rate from Pounds to Rand (Zar). Side note; if you want to make some real money, move to the UK and invest in property in South Africa. You'll make a bundle. Anyway, after looking at the flat and agreeing to a lease, he asked if I was looking for a vehicle. (He was in my situation of owning nothing in a foreing country nearly 10 years prior) I literally was 3 hours from purchasing a Volkswagon from a dealership that I wasnt overly thrilled about anyway. I was simply sick of annoying used-car salesmen and the whole hassle behind buying a car, that I just wanted it to be over with. Then came along this great opportunity for a spectacular price and I went for it. The timing couldnt have been better. Few!

I joined the Virgin Active gym that is about 5km from my flat. It is perfect running distance along the coast to go work out and come home and relax. I have a "fitness assesment" this week. Whatever that means ;-)

A few friends took me to my first rugby match of my life. I have watched it on TV before, but WOW! This game is intense. And the audience is just as hectic. The sounds of the stadium just roll through the city. It reminds me of walking to a Michigan game in Ann Arbor. The tailgating, the smell of barb-b-q's and all the hype that goes along with it. I still had my flat in the CDB which is across the street from Newlands Stadium. We met at my place and walked over to watch the South African Stormers play the New Zealand Highlanders. Very cool experience. B.T.W.-The Stormers won a decisive victory 26-9.

I have been attending a chuch in a place called Rondebosch, which is a suburb of Cape Town. The church is located in a place called Baxter Theater, which is used for plays and musicals by the University of Cape Town students. It's got a younger vibe to it, with a live band and wonderful music. The people are friendly and have welcomed me with open arms. 2 special occurances have taken place since being there. The first service I attened, they prayed over a man who was moving to Chicago, Illinois for a job offer. He had a very difficult life, living in Johannesburg for quite some time. God gave him the opportunity to move to Cape Town, which he did. His life really came together here and always had aspirations to move to the United States. It really struck a chord with me because this man was in the same situation that I was in nearly 6 weeks ago, just a complete role reversal.

I have learned (thanks to a friend of mine name Bob Deland and our wonderful Euro-adventures) to take the word "coincidence" from our vocabulary. The fact that I was witnessing this man recieve the blessing of his church to move to The United States, sent shivers up my spine. This was a moment where I beleive God spoke to me directly.

The second moment I felt God's presence was when a missionary from the Church introduced her plans to bring a group to Peru. Hmmm....very interesting. Feels like home. I am going to keep exploring for a permanent church, but this place is a great possibility. Here is a website of the church if you would like to take a gander:

Well, this blog has gone on for far too long. I have so much more to write about, but I should probably do some work. It's a national holiday here, so its a little more quiet than usual. Take care and blessings to everyone! I will update more very soon!

Derek Van Dam


  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Wow Derek sounds like you are still having the time of your life over there. I am glad that you are having a great time over there and they are still very friendly to you over there. That is awesome. I look forward to more updates from you soon. Take care and may God continue to bless you.


  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Derek: Great blog entry.....and thanks for the credit about "coincidence." Now let's give some credit to you: such as my inspiration for my African journey. South Africa is very fortunate that we were willing to send you "over the pond"...and I tend to believe that if there was a trade with the South African you just prayed over and you...they got the better of the deal. Prayers the way, the Peugeot is really awesome (even if it is a FRENCH car!!). Bob

  3. Ian M1:50 PM


    Looks like u are settling in. As for Churches try 'Friends First' in Rondebosch by the common. A very vibrant Church. Look out for Andrew or Gio and say u are from Michigan and Ian told u to go there. You will be looked after.
    Enjoy ur life and thanks fro teh blog.
    Ian M

  4. From your blog I can see you are loving Cape Town, but hey whats there not to love. Well done landing the job on E-TV. When i first saw you doin gthe weather i thought the years I spent in the US had affected my hearing.. :)

  5. Anonymous5:03 PM

    ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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