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Thursday, April 24, 2008's Headquarters in Johannesburg

Well, its been quite some time since I wrote on my blogsite. I have made several attempts, however the internet is so unbearably slow in this country that it has prevented me from posting. I really miss my friends and family around the globe. I pray for you daily!

An update on flew me to their headquarters in Johannesburg this week. They gave me an unprecendented tour of the new studios. It is phenomenal to witness television history in this country. is really something. Our competition is the SABC, SKY news, BBC news, CNBC Africa and CNN International. In order for us to compete, we need to "go big or go home." And "going BIG" is
not an understatement.

The pictures are of the construction of the new, news sets. They have purchased numerous flat screen televisions for visual enhancement of the studio, including the largest plasma television avaiable. It is a 150" Panasonic Plasma Hi-Def monitor! Whoa!

I am thrilled to be part of something so special for South Africa. From a television standpoint, it is a historic event for this country.

I love this place more than words can describe. I really feel at home in this country and the people have welcomed me with open arms. I know their is absolutely no substitute for the city I was raised...However, this will work just fine ;-) I have found a place to live and will be purchasing a car tommorow. Both of which make me happy. I will post pictures as soon as they come through. Of course, its been a lot of work, but I can always manage to fit in some play time too. I will leave you with a snapshot of last weekend's activities. Thank you God for providing this young man with an opportunity of a life time. I give this all to my savior.


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    So happy for you. Good to read the updates and see some of the pictures of what's happening there. Praying for God's continued
    blessing on your life.
    Sue & Mark Reber

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    The pictures are unbelievably beautiful. I'm glad to know that your dream is coming true. God has been guiding your life throughout all of the huge changes that have been happening. We are extremely proud of you, our son! Thanks for keeping us all in tune to your exciting life. We love you, forever. Mom & Dad

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Greetings From Michigan Derek,
    It looks like they are keeping you pretty busy over there. We all miss our weatherman back here as well but we are all thankful that you are taken care of over there. Keep us posted on everything over there we all love hearing about your wonderful journey and when you get the chance for the charity work just let me know I will do what ever I can do to help. Take care and talk to you soon. May god continue to bless you and keep you safe over there.


  4. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Nice blog....lovely photos!!!
    Keep up the good work!!! May God Bless You and give you the Strength and Courage to spread His Fragrance!!!

  5. ian M2:32 PM

    Great to hear from yuo again. Have missed teh blog!!! Have also missed u in teh morning on TV. The weather forecast is just not the same. Glad you still enjoying Cape Town. It is a GREAT place. The pics are great. Remember 'greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world"!!
    From ur Midland, Cape Town fan!!!


  6. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Hi Derek,

    I have been faithfully following your blog and reading every entry. Thank you for the time you take to keep us up to date with all the exciting events that you experience. I know that God had all these experiences planned out for you, especially when reading how everything is coming together so perfectly for you...Like a well written book, your story continues. I miss you much, but know that you are in God's Great Care...Also, I am so happy to say that I know you! You are truly inspirational in all that you do!!

    Your Friend,
    Bill Pavlov

  7. Anonymous2:23 AM

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  8. Anonymous5:43 AM

    We love you Derek!! You're gorgeous


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