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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pick n' Pay Cape Argus 2009 Bicycle Tour

Climbing Chapman's Peak. People got injured here as the wind nearly ripped them

At the Top of Chapman's Peak. 25 km to go!

Matt Damon rode in the same group as me!

These are a few of the pictures of what the Cape Times and The Cape Argus headlined their news papers as "The Hardest Cape Argus Cycle Tour Ever" and "The Cape of Storms." The wind gusted between 65 kn/h and 75 km/h officially. It was one of the hardest races that I have ever been a part of....but what an amazing experience. I conquered the race in 5 hours 4 minutes and 57 seconds. It was 110 km and started in the City Center of Cape Town and toured around the Western Cape Peninsula A.K.A.- The Cape of Storms.

The cyclists repeatedly where getting knocked onto the ground from the prevailing winds.

A back-up of racers thanks to the wind.

Very intimidating to watch before I was about to jump onto a bike and do it myself.

What an experience!

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers as well as your support for the Compassionate Life Foundation. Together, we have nearly raised R30, 000 so far

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