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Monday, April 27, 2009

I am blessed...

Hi Everyone,

What a long time its been since I updated my Blog. Here I am trying to reason with myself that I would have the time to look after this thing, and what happens? Life runs away from me.

Things are great here in Africa. Still loving every moment of it. I have been doing some traveling. Firstly, here are a few pictures of what I've been up to...then maybe some words to go along with the pictures.

(Rainbow over the place I stay-I live in the house on the right, just where the rainbow ends)

(My Lovely Girlfriend)

(Chimpanzee Santuary in South Africa)

(Waterfalls all around)

(First Cricket Match-Presidential Sweet too)

(Lots of Surfing-Yzerfontein)

(Fishing boats in Paternoster)

(Renting a house boat up the West Coast of South Africa)

(Watching Cape Town nearly burn from veld-fires)

(Having Sushi Night at my house)

(Finding Secluded Beaches)

It's always nice to find a "home away from home" but this place surely does it for me. Africa is in my blood. Its intertwined into my heart and soul. I will forever have a special place for this continent in my life. I carry with it the treasures of its cultures and its people.

Recently I was fortunate enough to witness this countries only 4th democratic elections. Here is a picture of Nelson Mandela casting only his 4th free vote of his life. What a neat moment.

(Nelson Mandela casting his vote)

I have so many experiences I want to share, but I just can't fit them all on this site. Some are videos and some are audio clips...but as you know, the internet is very slow down here and getting that information onto this site is nearly impossible. Sometime's this is discouraging as I want to share everything with everyone. Just know, that I am happy and that I am doing well.

Off to Johannesburg in the morning. Then flying to Prague and Vienna the 2nd week of May. Back to Swaziland to meet the new New Covenant team in July. Then its off to Berlin (Work) and Greece (leisure). Kilimanjaro is happening this September. And I would like to come home to the States for a while too. So many things, so little time.

Much love everyone. I hope you too are living your life to the fullest, no matter what obstacles life throws at you.

Derek Van Dam


  1. Hey Derek! I am an American living in South Africa, working through Peace Corps in the NW Province. I watch eNews weather most nights and keep thinking "gosh his accent sounds American!" So I finally got around to Googling and saw that you're from the states AND went to Central Michigan. I went to Eastern Michigan! Small world, nay?

    Anyway, it's always fun to find Americans in other parts of the world. You do a great job with the weather. Looks like you also get to travel quite a bit. Lots of fun! Anyway, just wanted to say hello.


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