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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facts About the "Uphill" Comrades race

We are currently driving the route of the Comrades Marathon. It's the day before the big race. Here's some interesting facts about the uphill run; 

- About 400 000 athletes have successfully run Comrades over the years

- The average runner loses between 3-4 kgs on this race. 

- Of these brave 400,000, less than 200 have won and less than 2000 have achieved Gold (top 10)

- About 7-8% of the field achieve silver (sub 7:30) with 50% of the field finishing in the last hour

- In 2009, about 25% of the starters did not make the 12 hour cut-off and two heart attacks were     reported on the day

- The up run is about 2K shorter than the down (the race's direction is alternated every year)

- The first half of the up run is a very tough uphill marathon with lots of hills, while the second is more forgiving

- Despite the relentless climbs, the up run is less painful than the down

More to come later. Cheers everyone. Thanks for your support  


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