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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weather Forecast for Comrades 2013

Considering this is part of my career, it's only logical that I release a weather forecast for the big day. :-) This is the eNCA Weather Departments official race day weather forecast for Sunday June 2nd. This forecast was a collaboration between myself and my colleagues within the weather department.

Conditions will be comfortable at 05:30 am as we begin the race. Roughly around 16 degrees Celsius (61 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of the wind direction coming from the plateau/escarpment, I'm not expecting extreme humidity and the skies should be mostly clear to partly cloudy. Sunrise is around 6:43 am, so we will be running in the dark for the first 45 minutes or so. Expect partly to mostly sunny skies through out the entire race with a moderate to fresh head wind (N/NW between 15-25km/hr with gusts to 30km/h). PBM has the possibility of being quite warm with the direction of the wind coming off the plateau. We are predicting a high temperature in PBM of 29-30 degrees. Depending on your individual finish time (or location on the route if you are a spectator), the temperature will be cooler the closer we get to evening.

So…what I’m saying is this…it will be warm at times. Not overly humid, which is great news for runners and spectators alike. Stay hydrated and be sure to bring Sunscreen! Be prepared for a head wind. Something to protect your eyes is advised (i.e.- a hat and sunglasses). Otherwise, we should be golden.

Have a great race everyone. See you in Durban at the start line and hopefully again in Pietermartizburg at the finish. Of course, support along the route is always welcome!

Yours in running & good weather, 

Derek Van Dam

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