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Monday, April 08, 2013

The BIG Ask...

Hello Friends & Family,

Do you live a life with passion? Do you live a life with compassion? What is the difference anyway? “Passion” means to have compelling emotion or devotion, while “compassion” means to be merciful. In other words, you could say that to live a life of passion a person should show devotion to others by having mercy or compassion to others in need.

It is with these words that I humbly approach you and/or your company for support.

This June, I will embark on a journey of human strength and determination. My eyes are set on finishing the “Ultimate Human Race” also known as the Comrades Marathon. This year’s grueling 89.5km event is particularly difficult because it is an “up” year, meaning the race is run uphill from Durban (sea level) to Pietermaritzburg (atop the South African plateau).  I will be running this race in support of The Compassionate Life Foundation ( and its “Feed a Family” project.

I have been working as Secretary of The Compassionate Life Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, for nearly 6 years. It is the sole reason for my existence in Cape Town, South Africa and ultimately my work at e.TV and eNCA as Chief Meteorologist (a long story for another day).

CLF’s mission statement is as follows:

Compassionate Life is a non-denominational Foundation seeking to be God’s hands and feet showing love and compassion to the poor and needy people of the world. Partnering with those whom God directs us to who are already on the front lines fighting the war on poverty, disease, and spiritual emptiness, with a special focus on caring for Orphans and Widows.

My work within CLF is done with passion and compassion, but the longstanding benefits to the poor and needy far outweigh any personal gain I have ever received. I’ve seen purpose and direction restored to the vulnerable people of both Swaziland and South Africa through the direct work of this foundation. Won’t you consider partnering with me to help extend CLF’s potential?

If your located within South Africa, here’s how to make your donation (accepted directly through using PayPal or by sending check/cash to): 

ATTN: Derek Van Dam 
e.TV Longkloof Studios, 
1 Darters Rd. Gardens, 
Cape Town, South Africa. 

If your located within the USA (or elsewhere), here’s how to make your tax-deductible donation (accepted directly through using PayPal or by sending check/cash to):  

Compassionate Life Foundation
P.O. Box 510 
Swartz Creek, MI 48473 

Please make checks payable to “The Compassionate Life Foundation”

1)      Donate per successful km run during Comrades Marathon ($1 USD/10 ZAR per km)
2)      A once off donation of your choice

100% of your donations will be used in the following way:

1)      ‘Feed a Family’ Maize Planting – CLF is committed to plowing and planting Maize Fields for El Shaddai Children’s Home and the 50 vulnerable families’ we serve in Swaziland and South Africa.
2)      ‘Feed a Family’ Food Fund - Feed a family by providing food packages consisting of fruit, vegetables, rice, beans, soup, salt, sugar, oil, and soap. Food will be delivered to families’ homes as the need arises throughout the year!

As race day draws nearer (2 June, 2013), my nerves continue to build; but it is the faces of the world’s vulnerable children that motivate me to complete this goal. Thank you for considering supporting this unique adventure.  Monetary donations in exchange for corporate advertising will be considered on a case by case basis.

Derek Van Dam

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